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From the lada goma crooner, comes another mind blowing song titled Antashi. This is his first official release this year after dropping a single Tawa ce in November 2018 which he featured Sonikman. Dabo Daprof who

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LYRICS Antashi By Dabo Daprof 

I was born with the crown, who would make a better king?.
May weather on the beat, and you know i own the ring.
Only three of my kind, me, myself and i.
E no go funny for money, when we meet eye to eye.

Owo yakbe ninu brain, with no cash for hand.
Am lying down already, how i wan fall for ground?.
Too many fans, sub-zero i dey ice.
Am done with pain, so you know am feeling nice.

Back ina de days, them no send me.
Now i don conquer, them wan see me.
No let wetin them say, to define you.
As you dey hustle, one day luck go find you.

Iri na ake kira gwani, ko bayan babu ni.
Inka ga tasu tayi kyau, to sai da suka sa da ni.
Haka kawai, ganin dama ne yasa na daina rap.
Amma sarki, sarki ne ko rawani ya koma cap.

Atashi kawai, dan nayi wa kowa pata-pata.
Oma igala omide oga kwata-kwata.
Nyem trophy sound city, biko chele-chele.
A minti daya, nayi wa yare shida kacha-kacha.

Masoya, suna so na.
Ko ina naje, suna rai na.
Zan cigaba dayi, babu fashi.
Kuma da ga kai na antashi.

The end !!!


Song Lyrics is published by :Lyrics from the north

Song production year :2019

Song release date :30th June 2019

Song duration:01:05

Song genre: Afro pop

Song produced, mixed and mastered by Sonikman

Studio of production :Vocal Sounds Studio @Rima house opposite shoprite zoo road Kano state Nigeria

All verses of this song are written by the artist on the song.

No part of this song should be used by anyone for any personal gain or benefit without the permission of the artist who owns the song.

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