How To Update Your Andriod Phone


Android PhoneEnter your phone’s settings, after it opens, go to the bottom where it says System, enter it, from the bottom you will see System Update, click on it, it will open and show you Online Update and Local Update, then click Online Update, make sure you open your phone’s data and at least make sure it’s 20mb, when you log in you will see the place where you can click to update your phone..

If you click, it will start updating, make sure Canada Enough charge at least more than 50%.

Why should you update your phone?

Updating your phone will increase its speed, that is, it will speed up the performance of tasks, so if your phone has a problem of lack of space, you will tolerate updating it, you will see that the space increases, and if you have any problem with the phone, updating it will solve some problems. the phone is back to normal.. It reduces the consumption of phone charging and other small things.

And updating the phone does not delete anything from the phone, nothing will be deleted from your phone just by updating it.

Note: if you start the updating, it takes a long time at least 30 minutes a month and 15 minutes more, after it finishes downloading the updated version, it will restart itself, then it will bring itself here and it will take time, then it will finish and congratulate you.

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