Bio: Biography Of Rabiu Abdullahi Sabo_Rap Baba

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    Rabiu Abdullahi Sabo(Rap Baba) was born And Rised up In BAUCHI. He is a Bilingual Rapper/ Lyricist/Singer/ A recording And far as  HAUSA Hip-hop is concern and remain on its pop line Rap Baba MOST be mention wethenCause oh the glorious and passion have in his talent display won the hearts of heterogenous scattered fans within and outside the country through his inspiring lyrics. The  legend have proven himself competent and capable of making music an inspirational channel of maintaining culture when he adopted Hausa Rap style, through which he injects touching and admiring messages into his targeted and non targeted fans’ heads, his success in music should not be unconnected with the blessings and prayers bestowed upon him by his parent in actualizing his dreams of successful music career.
    Name: Rabiu Abdullahi Sabo
    Stage NM : (Rap Baba)
    D.O.B: 26/10/1996
    Home town : WARJI  L.G.A
    State of orgn.: BAUCHI STATE
    Current city : JOS
    Nationality:  Nigerian
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