Declaration of Interest~Comr. Habiba

On Monday 19th Dec 2022 the capacitated and vibrant comrade and also Ambassador Habiba Usman Hassan of Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano declared her interest to contest the post of President of National Association of Kano State Student.


Comr. Habiba was the only female ever contest for the post of President in the history of the association.

When she was interviewed by our reporter Zainab M Hussain, she mentioned some agendas which she said non of the previous President did that, the agendas included giving both side equality, (male and female).

This is her own written declaration which made.

She start with “I use this great medium to greet you all in the spirit of islam… Assalamualikum warahmatullah.

I am Amb Habiba Usman Hassan (garkuwar dalibai) a sensible and well engaging female student from the department of education biology at this prestigious University of ours,exellently named Yusuf Maitama Sule University ,Kano
With love for our dear state and university, I use commitment to a vision of a rapid progress for our more than 10,000 indigenous kano state students and following wide ranging consultation, I often my self to serve you as a president National association of Kano State Students (NAKSS) at Yusuf Maitama Sule University this coming election insha Allah.
I come into this struggle in a longer period and it has given me much more capacity and dedication to such struggles, this is why many students called me upon to take this steps and contest for such great and influential office.
I have much more concern to the problems which I observed and feel I can contribute in solving them. If all of you will believe in me and give me your strong mandate to be the next NAKSS President,I assure you an excellent governance will come into reality.I have a great vision in building the lives of people,I believe by becoming the NAKSS President Of YUMSUK I will complete achieve my vision, I assure you all InshaAllah I will transform the system forward and you will all be happy and remain greatful at the end of my administration.

After that she mentioned her vision as follows

Some of my visions are:
✅Promoting discipline,love and care among students.
✅Taking commitment towards the problem of students that affect their compatability through out their learning period and hours in the university.
✅Synergy and co-operation between other students union across the university
✅promoting humanitarian studies and engagement
✅Making sustainable agender with continuity from the previous administration of which has done it best under the leadership of *Comrade Mukhtar Bala dala (MB DALA),who is always a role model due to his strong commitment to the development of Kano State students in yusuf maitama sule university.
Lastly, your votes, prayers, concern and advice are all I need to make this vision achieved,the higher consultation I made to elders and leaders of this great university is a concern I have for the development which I believe it cannot be achieved without their support.
My best symbol is peace, and my best input is *development*, My legacy is a *good governance*.

May Allah guide us on that place,I thank you for your time and attention for reading this.

Long life Kano state
Long life YUMSUK
Long life NAKSS

✍ Yours Amb Habiba Usman Hassan (Garkuwar Dalibai)

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